mercredi 2 octobre 2013

La playlist de la semaine No 5

Encore une fois c'est le retour de la liste des titres de cette semaine qui vous attendez tant.

Cowboy Junkies
Misguided Angel
Dolly Varden
Daniel Bachman
Perigee Moon
Grant Peeples
Sunshine State
Sarah Mac & Grant Peeples
It's Too Late To Live In Austin
Sarah Mac & Grant Peeples
It'll Never Be Love Again
Audrey Auld
Yes Best Left
Michael Gaither
Still a Small Town
Rich Mahan
Favorite Shirt
Back to the Roots
Jason Shaw
Mary Chapin Carpenter
Stones In The Road
Alison Joy Williams
Another Thousand Miles
Alison Joy Williams
Maybe Today
Alan Jackson
Meat And Potato Man
George Strait
Ace in the Hole
Flynnville Train
On Our Way
Sonny Burgess
Girl Next Door
Sour Diesel Train Wreck
90 Days To Mexico
Dwight Yoakam
Your Tender Loving Care
Lindi Ortega
Gypsy Child
Lindi Ortega
Hard As This
Cian Nugent
Grass Above My Head
Lindi Ortega
Songs About
Lindi Ortega
Lived And Died Alone
Lindi Ortega
This Is Not Surreal
Wooden Ambulance
My Friend
The McCarthys
Love Is
Brian Wright
Over Yet Blues
Carly Ritter
It Is Love
Anders Osborne
Sentimental Times

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