jeudi 19 mars 2015

La playlist de la semaine : S4 No 29

Cette semaine dans notre playlist on découvre Richie Lawrence, la fabuleuse folk de Bryan Boldt et le dernier album de Casey Weston.

Casy Weston - Young HeartRichie Lawence - Rue SanxayRyan Boldt - Broadside Ballads

Lazy Afternoon
Any Road
Malcolm Holcombe
Mister In Morgantown
Marisa Yeaman
Warm night in Austin
Cian Nugent
Grass Above My Head
Benjamin Folke Thomas
Extend No Greeting
Richie Lawrence
Oxford Town
Richie Lawrence
Over and over
Dawn Landes
All Dressed in White
Jim Pipkin
Silver in the leaves
Ryan Boldt
Lazy John
Ryan Boldt
Love Is Pleasin'
Ryan Boldt
Chely Wright
Notes to the Coroner
Casey Weston
Casey Weston
Before The Sun Came Up
Casey Weston
Never Come Back

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