mercredi 13 novembre 2013

La playlist de la semaine No 11

Voici la playlist de l'émission de la semaine avec un tas de bonnes choses dedans. Comme on est sympa on a pris des notes pour vous.

Jumpin’ Jack Strobel
You Mean Everything to Me
Steve Mednick
Where Am I Going Wrong ?
Townes Van Zandt
You Are Not Needed Now (live-in-studio)
Daniel Bachman
Perigee Moon
Chely Wright
Notes to the Coroner
Terry Holder
Let Em Flow
Terry Holder
Til You Make It Home
Josh Woodward
The Handyman's Lament (No Vocals)
Audrey Auld
Crying The Blues
Caitlin Rose
Only A Clown
Charlie Faye
Love's Greatest Fault
Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors
Good Light
Jason Shaw
Exene Cervenka
Walk Me Across The Night
John Corbett
Rainy Windy Sunshine
Loves It
Sarah Jarosz
Over The Edge
Erich McMann
The Red, White, And Blue
John Mellencamp
Save Some Time To Dream
I Can Hear The Grass Grow
The Man I Used To Be
Cian Nugent
Hire Purchase
American Bloomers
Never Had The Chance
Emily Herring
Don't Waste Time
Hope For AGoldenSummer
Only Living Boy In NY (Cover)
Marshall Artz
Sweet Art Of Nothing
Waylon Thornton
Eric Bibb
The Right Thing
Jess Klein
Behind A Veil
Jess Klein
Simple Love
Claire Lynch
That Kind Of Love
Bryan Sutton
Battle Cry of Freedom
Sam Baker
Say Grace
Terry Holder
Common Threads

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